Dr. Jackie Lau
Dr. Jackie Lau
Life coach, spirituality coach, relationship coach

I believe the combination of modern psychology, neuroscience and spiritual approaches will help transform our mindsets, bring us into a peaceful presence while letting go of limiting beliefs, and create lasting virtuous improvements in every aspect of our life. I believe that authenticity is the ultimate key to happiness and living life to the fullest. When we live our authentic self, it allows us to commit to loving ourselves completely, to align our action, thoughts, emotions, and the resourcefulness to live in passion. My goal is to help others in the human family to live in a beautiful state as often as possible. We can truly live life on our terms, cultivate thoughts that nourish rather than drain our spirit, and take actions based on the pull to joy, rather than the fear of pain.

“Started to work with Jackie almost a year ago. Before starting I had some concerns about the online coaching, but after our first session I was completely convinced that it’s going to work. I have found her very sympathetic from the first moment I could open myself completely to her, and instantly after the first session I felt so much better. Talking with her is always very inspiring and puts me in the right mood. However it’s not only that, sometimes we go deep into my feelings, and I feel sad and I face my fears, if is that what I need. But it’s really deliberating and I always feel amazing after every session! Slowly I am making long lasting positive changes in my life.Learned a lot from her, and I have to say that starting coaching with her was the best investment into myself!”
Anita Kerper, Bergamo, Italy
“Jackie has been an immense source of strength to me during extremely low times, when I was questioning my identity, choices & spiritual presence. With her support and strategies, I could pick myself up, and see miracles manifest in my life within a few months of coaching. Her spiritual wisdom, interdisciplinary understanding of concepts and practicality can help anyone feel grounded, yet inspired. I am grateful to her for always being there for me, and convincing me that I’m much better and greatest that I think I am at the moment. She was also very understanding and empathetic towards and mindful of cultural differences, as I live in India, and also flexible with her timings. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to think and live big, be fully present or have intelligent discussions about spirituality.”
Anupriya Kukreja, , New Dehli India
PhD, PhD (Neuroscience); Strategic Interventionist & Breakthrough Specialist (Robbins-Madanes Training); Life Coach
Fiorenza Rossini
Fiorenza Rossini
Life Coach, Performance Coach, Relationship Coach

I help driven millenials create a balanced, happy and successful life, on their own terms. I help my clients set & complete achievable goals, provide practical steps to increase their confidence.
My mission is to make you live your life to the fullest and achieve your own personal goals.
When we work together, I will help you create a balanced (work vs. personal life), happy and successful life, on their own terms.
I am a strong advocate of mindfulness and living life in the present moment, so be ready to capture your happy everyday!

You will not find a more warm, authentic and approachable coach – Fiorenza genuinely cares about her clients and I found our sessions really helpful. Having a dedicated space to work on my goal helped me to prioritise this area of my life and, with Fiorenza’s guidance and gentle questioning, I was able to begin making changes and see a difference even from our first session. Thank you Fiorenza for your time, your focus and for your fresh perspective!
Kerryn, Programme Manager, London (United Kingdom)
Fiorenza’s commitment to truly understanding me and my goals was evident from the first moment we spoke. As was her kindness and authenticity.
Through our conversations and her deeply considered questioning she enabled me to articulate my needs clearly, and look at varying potential outcomes of my choices.
She also helped illuminate the impact of incremental changes that had taken place in pursuit of my goals. This positive framing was inspirational.
Jamie, NGO Project Manager, London (United Kingdom)
I contacted Fiorenza because I was in need on some guidance regarding a new direction in my life: starting a business. I was creating my website and prepping for an event that would allow me to showcase the business and myself as an entrepreneur.
Fiorenza always asked the right questions, making me think outside the box and dig a little deeper, which helped me put my most authentic content out there. At first it was scary, but this is what made my clients connect to me on a deeper level. I tried new approaches to communicating my message with Fior’s help, and was able to work through many preconceived notions I had of what was possible for myself.
I recommend working with Fiorenza if you are looking for a breakthrough either in your personal life or business!
Angelica, Retreat Design specialist, United States
Fiorenza is an excellent coach: she’s a very positive person, and she helped me focus on my goals one by one and giving me practical tips not to feel overwhelmed by daily problems, in a very chaotic moment in my life.
Totally recommended!
Natascia, Web designer, Modena (Italy)
MS, NLP Practitionner, NLP Coach
Eric Bensoussan
Eric Bensoussan
Life coach , relationship coach

I am a Relationship expert. Struggling with your relationships? You can move from conflict to connection – and experience a new way of being yourself with confidence, strength, peace, and joy.
I am a firm believer that the relationship you have with yourself set the tone for your other relationships.
I will support you to master relationship skills and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself to have a better relationship with others. I will guide you to a new experience of being yourself that you can transcend any life’s challenges.

I was impressed how Eric understood my challenges so well. He was spot on about where I am in my life and helped to find clarity on where would be my next steps. I gained confidence, and self-esteem in a way that I would never think possible. After being coached for 6 months, I am a different person, and I love who I became. This was a great discovery journey. Challenging and rewarding.
Eric.S, South Africa
When I met Eric, I was hopeless, and couldn’t see any positive future. Very quickly he helped me with different perspectives to recognize that I have trapped myself in a box. Now I feel in control of my life and I am able to make decisions with clarity. I am more confident and practice every day how to use my strengths. I am clear on how I communicate with others. I am responsible for my life and don’t blame anyone anymore. The coaching with Eric was hugely transformative.
Lara R, Boston.
ACTP Certification, ECPC Erickson College International

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