Dr. Jackie Lau
Dr. Jackie Lau
Life coach, spirituality coach, relationship coach

I believe the combination of modern psychology, neuroscience and spiritual approaches will help transform our mindsets, bring us into a peaceful presence while letting go of limiting beliefs, and create lasting virtuous improvements in every aspect of our life. I believe that authenticity is the ultimate key to happiness and living life to the fullest. When we live our authentic self, it allows us to commit to loving ourselves completely, to align our action, thoughts, emotions, and the resourcefulness to live in passion. My goal is to help others in the human family to live in a beautiful state as often as possible. We can truly live life on our terms, cultivate thoughts that nourish rather than drain our spirit, and take actions based on the pull to joy, rather than the fear of pain.

“Started to work with Jackie almost a year ago. Before starting I had some concerns about the online coaching, but after our first session I was completely convinced that it’s going to work. I have found her very sympathetic from the first moment I could open myself completely to her, and instantly after the first session I felt so much better. Talking with her is always very inspiring and puts me in the right mood. However it’s not only that, sometimes we go deep into my feelings, and I feel sad and I face my fears, if is that what I need. But it’s really deliberating and I always feel amazing after every session! Slowly I am making long lasting positive changes in my life.Learned a lot from her, and I have to say that starting coaching with her was the best investment into myself!”
Anita Kerper, Bergamo, Italy
“Jackie has been an immense source of strength to me during extremely low times, when I was questioning my identity, choices & spiritual presence. With her support and strategies, I could pick myself up, and see miracles manifest in my life within a few months of coaching. Her spiritual wisdom, interdisciplinary understanding of concepts and practicality can help anyone feel grounded, yet inspired. I am grateful to her for always being there for me, and convincing me that I’m much better and greatest that I think I am at the moment. She was also very understanding and empathetic towards and mindful of cultural differences, as I live in India, and also flexible with her timings. I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to think and live big, be fully present or have intelligent discussions about spirituality.”
Anupriya Kukreja, , New Dehli India
PhD, PhD (Neuroscience); Strategic Interventionist & Breakthrough Specialist (Robbins-Madanes Training); Life Coach
Emily Correa
Emily Correa
Business Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach

Welcome! My name is Emily and I’m a certified life/business coach.
I coach those who wish to become better Creative Leaders in life and business on how to maximize their habits towards a successful, adventurous life.
I have the unique ability to mix my intuition with sharp business strategies to help guide my clients towards prosperity. My style is straight-forward, assertive, motivating, with sparks of humor and pure creativity!

BA, MS, Graduate of Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, Masters Degree in Training, BA in Psychology/Sociology, Minor in Business Management.
Fiorenza Rossini
Fiorenza Rossini
Life Coach, Performance Coach, Relationship Coach

I help driven millenials create a balanced, happy and successful life, on their own terms. I help my clients set & complete achievable goals, provide practical steps to increase their confidence.
My mission is to make you live your life to the fullest and achieve your own personal goals.
When we work together, I will help you create a balanced (work vs. personal life), happy and successful life, on their own terms.
I am a strong advocate of mindfulness and living life in the present moment, so be ready to capture your happy everyday!

You will not find a more warm, authentic and approachable coach – Fiorenza genuinely cares about her clients and I found our sessions really helpful. Having a dedicated space to work on my goal helped me to prioritise this area of my life and, with Fiorenza’s guidance and gentle questioning, I was able to begin making changes and see a difference even from our first session. Thank you Fiorenza for your time, your focus and for your fresh perspective!
Kerryn, Programme Manager, London (United Kingdom)
Fiorenza’s commitment to truly understanding me and my goals was evident from the first moment we spoke. As was her kindness and authenticity.
Through our conversations and her deeply considered questioning she enabled me to articulate my needs clearly, and look at varying potential outcomes of my choices.
She also helped illuminate the impact of incremental changes that had taken place in pursuit of my goals. This positive framing was inspirational.
Jamie, NGO Project Manager, London (United Kingdom)
I contacted Fiorenza because I was in need on some guidance regarding a new direction in my life: starting a business. I was creating my website and prepping for an event that would allow me to showcase the business and myself as an entrepreneur.
Fiorenza always asked the right questions, making me think outside the box and dig a little deeper, which helped me put my most authentic content out there. At first it was scary, but this is what made my clients connect to me on a deeper level. I tried new approaches to communicating my message with Fior’s help, and was able to work through many preconceived notions I had of what was possible for myself.
I recommend working with Fiorenza if you are looking for a breakthrough either in your personal life or business!
Angelica, Retreat Design specialist, United States
Fiorenza is an excellent coach: she’s a very positive person, and she helped me focus on my goals one by one and giving me practical tips not to feel overwhelmed by daily problems, in a very chaotic moment in my life.
Totally recommended!
Natascia, Web designer, Modena (Italy)
MS, NLP Practitionner, NLP Coach
Josh Kline
Josh Kline
Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Career Coach

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time? Don’t have enough money? Are you doing doing doing doing and can’t balance your life?
Do you think you deserve to have what you want and have your needs met?
Hi, I am Josh and I coach people looking for a shift in personal life or career. Their previous way of doing things isn’t working and is disempowering. Together, we generate new results. I also love coaching DADS!

Josh was the perfect mix of quiet listener and advisor. I truly appreciated his non-judgmental approach to coaching. You can tell by his responses and suggestions that he’s truly listening and cares, and that he wants his clients to get the most out of each session.
Aly, Legal Recruiter, Philadelphia PA
I without hesitation endorse Josh’s service to anyone. If you’re reading this and you’re sensing that you can get more out of life, but need a little help and support, I strongly suggest you talk to Josh. Like I did, you will undoubtedly take a courageous leap into the unknown of your own potential!
Corey, Producer, New York NY
As an architect I appreciate understanding through imagery. Knowing this, Josh used verbal imagery with me to promote a better, personal understanding. The value I got from our sessions was clarity; helping me sort out all the seemingly jumbled factors in life into a clear picture, and, more importantly, helping to realize a renewed motivation to forge forward on a personal journey. Anyone who wants to move forward in business or life, who feels ‘stuck’, will absolutely benefit from working with Josh.
Mike S., Architect, Cedar Grove NJ
graduated from the ICF accredited Accomplishment Coaching training program. Associate Certified Coach (ACC).
Stacy Harshman
Stacy Harshman
Career Coach, Life Coach, Relationship Coach

As an experienced Career Coach, I work with individuals from diverse social backgrounds to enable them to make often difficult career transitions. Many of my clients don’t know what career they want to move into when they first begin their coaching with me but, at the end of the process, they have either moved into a career they find fulfilling or have a firm plan in place about how to move into a new career in the future.
I became familiar with coaching when I hired a coach to help me discover what career to pursue next. Going through the process, I fell in love with how it worked. I knew that I too wanted to become a coach, specifically a career coach, because my passion is to help people find jobs that are fulfilling. I am most inspired when clients discover what they are passionate about and transition into a career that allows them to express what they do best.

Certified Career Management Coach, Certified Job Search Strategist, Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources
Justin Aquino
Justin Aquino
Business Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Coach

I coach professionals and business owners on leadership, public speaking, networking, and professional presence.
I’ve successfully worked with dozens of clients in a variety of fields: real estate, healthcare, marketing, finance, tech, university students, and more.
My clients range from job seekers, to startup founders, to seniors at Fortune 500 companies.
Whether you want to be a charismatic public speaker, pitch your startup to investors, persuade clients on phone/ skype calls, lead your team, perform in job interviews, or just feel less anxious in networking situations, I am here to help.

Working with Justin has been an excellent experience. He has been right on point with his evaluation and his suggestions for areas of improvement. He understands the nuances of effective communication and how to apply in a business setting. Excellent listener and observer. Highly recommended.
Neil N, Marketing Executive, New York, NY
I’m an entrepreneur, investor and real estate salesperson who’s social and outgoing but yet struggled at times to get my message across or persuade someone. After working with Justin on my communication skills, I was able to make much more powerful impact when speaking to investors as well as close more deals when dealing with customers.
Justin provided me with strategies, steps and tools that gave me the confidence to know exactly what I need to do and how to efficiently communicate with potential and existing leads. It helped increase my sales as well as provide excellent customer service which is what I always strived for.
Lana B., Real Estate Entrepreneur, Staten Island, NY
Justin has very effective strategies… In one set of exercises, he took on the persona of my client and I had to sell my pitch to him. Before these sessions with Justin I was nervous just even at the thought of that. But with each practice, he did not give up until it was absolutely perfect no matter how many times it took. He addresses many aspects of the communication, such as tone of voice, your speed, even gesturing with your hands, and honestly 100 other things. You practice them until you’re nailing it pretty close to perfection.
I have a classical piano background, so virtually no experience in the business world. When Justin came into the picture, he was very careful to find out my long term and short term goals, so that he could tailor our coaching sessions to exactly what I needed. With each session he had a specific goal in mind… I would recommend Justin to anybody who wants to move their business forward by learning how to effectively communicate and sell, and to come off in a concise, confident way.
Kate Semyonova, Music Producer & Composer, Vancouver, Canada
Justin is such a useful and effective resource. He helped me a lot when I started to apply for new jobs and get interviews. Thanks to Justin, an amazing consultant, I finally understood the power of excellent communication skills. Moreover, I can actually gain more experience and increase my value from it. I think the biggest positive thing was that I learned to take control in my professional conversations. No matter what happens, for each conversation, I learned to always be well prepared, be confident and take control.
Ding Liang, Marketing, New Jersey
Justin is one of the most well spoken, effective and also uplifting individuals I’ve ever met. His ability to produce and deliver results is exceptional and I have found his programs to be extremely effective at helping individuals improve their abilities and their situations.
Perhaps one of the best qualities of working with Justin is that he is as good at inspiring and motivating individuals as he is at teaching the material in his programs. Because of this, it’s hard to feel stuck when you’re around Justin. He’ll be quick to lift you up or offer a solution to your problem.
From when I first met Justin, he has always impressed me with his ability to be clear and direct with his coaching. I’ve benefited immensely from working with him and I’m happy to say that over the years not only have I improved my skill sets, but we’ve built a friendship as well.
If you’re interested in expanding who you are and increasing your business, don’t miss your chance to work with Justin. You’ll be happy you took the opportunity.
Mike Guerrieri, Inspirational Speaker & Image Consultant, Long Island, NY
Being a stand-alone business owner, I come to Justin for help, with the full knowledge that he has been in my situation before. He has shown me the importance of being a true problem solver, and has pushed me to bring to light the true pains of my prospects, so that I can more clearly assist them and solve their problems when they become my clients.
Justin has a lot of value to give, and you must listen carefully to every word. He has a lot of patience with his clients and knows how to understand your situation. If he’s in your corner, your results in business or any area of your life will improve by a huge margin.
Ingamar Ramirez, Video Production Marketer, Brooklyn, NY
Blair Ashby
Blair Ashby
Life coach, Relationship Coach, Spirituality Coach

My name is Blair Ashby. I am a Life Coach, Speaker, Author, and a really nice guy. I am also the best life coach for you. I’ll help you navigate through this time in your life so you can create the life you desire.
I coach people who are searching for meaning in their lives. When career, money and family are no longer enough, I compassionately guide people as they reframe their lives to achieve their dreams.

It’s the best money I have ever spent; Blair is an excellent coach, and he made a huge difference in just one hour. I can’t wait to take more coaching sessions with him. Blair also carefully tailored the session according to my requirements, which I don’t think many coaches do these days….
Ravi, London, England
I’ve been working with Blair for over a year now and he’s made a tremendous positive impact on my life. In our first session he was patient and able to connect with me almost immediately, which is what I needed; he met me where I was at. Blair has a way of being honest about what he sees without being pushy, but encourages me to push myself by giving me the right tools. Overall, he’s been an important catalyst for my personal growth and I’d highly recommend him.
Patrick, Sales, Westminster, Colorado
“I’m fat and want to lose weight. Then my life will be better!” That was how I was feeling when I started working with Blair. I also felt that I had to do everything to make others happy and gave so much away, that I had nothing left for me. Coaching with Blair has sincerely offered me the greatest personal growth I’ve ever experienced. His wisdom, experience, grace and patience have supported me through challenging times and lead to personal outcomes (including weight loss!) which I’d never have imagined possible. My life is truly mine.
Christina H.
Eric Bensoussan
Eric Bensoussan
Life coach , relationship coach

I am a Relationship expert. Struggling with your relationships? You can move from conflict to connection – and experience a new way of being yourself with confidence, strength, peace, and joy.
I am a firm believer that the relationship you have with yourself set the tone for your other relationships.
I will support you to master relationship skills and strengthen the relationship you have with yourself to have a better relationship with others. I will guide you to a new experience of being yourself that you can transcend any life’s challenges.

I was impressed how Eric understood my challenges so well. He was spot on about where I am in my life and helped to find clarity on where would be my next steps. I gained confidence, and self-esteem in a way that I would never think possible. After being coached for 6 months, I am a different person, and I love who I became. This was a great discovery journey. Challenging and rewarding.
Eric.S, South Africa
When I met Eric, I was hopeless, and couldn’t see any positive future. Very quickly he helped me with different perspectives to recognize that I have trapped myself in a box. Now I feel in control of my life and I am able to make decisions with clarity. I am more confident and practice every day how to use my strengths. I am clear on how I communicate with others. I am responsible for my life and don’t blame anyone anymore. The coaching with Eric was hugely transformative.
Lara R, Boston.
ACTP Certification, ECPC Erickson College International
Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill
Career Coach, Leadership Coach, Executive Coach

Are you dreading going into work every day? Lost interest in what you do for a living? Dreaming of doing something else but not sure what that is and how to get there?

Hi, I’m Rachel and what I love doing best is helping others find or create work they love. We focus on creating their vision of the future and the right strategy setting HARD goals; aligning their positioning with that vision, developing their motivation and presence and then support them as they take action removing the inevitable barriers and blocks that emerge along the way.

My passion for seeing people develop and thrive, together with the wider effects of this, led me to changing my focus from managing and leading to mentoring and coaching others.

“Before I worked with Rachel, I was feeling desparate. I had been turned down so often that my self-confidence was at an all time low and I had never had this experience before.
I didnt know how to target so my approach was scattered and I was trying to be all things to everyone and my CV reflected this. I thought I could do anything which led to working in roles where I felt under valued and unable to fully utilise my skills and knowledge.
Through working with Rachel, I got clear about what it was that I wanted from my career and how to transition to a new phase. I learned how to describe what was unique about me and how that was of value to prospective employers. We worked on career strategy, job search approach and employer targeting, cover letter and CV review and repositioning, interview preparation and post-interview debriefing.
Having Rachel to debrief and review progress eliminated any anxiety; consequently I was relaxed and enjoyed the process. The result was that I landed my dream job with a fabulous company.”
Carmel, Implementation Specialist, New Zealand
When I met Rachel, I was an associate lawyer working in a city legal practice. I was feeling stuck and in a rut. Working for someone else meant that I only worked with clients that were allocated and that I was required to work as directed. I found myself at loggerheads with my employers and felt undervalued; I was simply someone who could churn through the work.
After working with Rachel, I was able to realise that, although I felt as if I was in the midst of a personality conflict, what I needed was to be the author of my own destiny. I realised that I needed to run my own business. Together we worked through what it would take to set up and run my own legal practice. We developed the company vision and values, worked on setting up the practice (I completed a business course and found offices that reflected the vision and values, found IT providers and software that supported flexible working for my team) and opened for business. Our discussions centred on the three facets that comprise an effective business: sales and marketing, culture and team and the law. Rachel was able to help me develop my leadership and management skills whilst I focused on the law.
Now, 5 years on I have profitable, values based, legal practice that has 8 employees and attracts and builds long term relationships with clients.
Rachel and I continue to work together. My focus is to continue to build on what has already been achieved. Currently, building a high performing team and strong culture. Having her as my business mentor and coach means I have access to sound business leadership advice and expertise at my fingertips. Importantly, I have someone with whom I can discuss anything (and I mean anything) – I know she is in my corner. This is invaluable to me as an independent business owner. Working with Rachel has changed my life – without this I would never have believed I could achieve my dream let alone gone out and done it.
Jennifer, Lawyer, New Zealand
I was made redundant a number of times and wanted to improve my ability to find work in contracting. Although I had had a number of contracts, I found that I was only offered low level contracts and never offered extensions or additional projects.
Working with Rachel, I was able to build up my sales and marketing skills to develop strong, trusting relationships with clients. I am now very comfortable with this; so much so that my contracts are frequently extended or my clients offer me additional work. Rachel helped me reposition myself as a project manager and acts as my project management mentor to ensure that I deliver the results the clients want in the most effective and efficient way. I also now exclusively work as a project manager.
Rachel helped me to develop my relationship skills and has enabled me to build a strong reputation as a trustworthy project manager who delivers.
Nathan, Project Manager, Auckland, New Zealand
Certified NLP Practitioner, Executive Coach - International Coaching Community
Moshe Sakal
Moshe Sakal
Life coach , career coach

Hello, welcome to Sixstar Coaching and my coaching profile. My name is Moshe and I could be your Life Coach. As one of the coaches here at Sixstar I’m on a mission to guide you towards joy,love, happiness – you know all that good stuff that makes life sweet.
As your coach I’m here to do the following things: Listen to your story, validate it, and challenge your beliefs in a kind and compassionate way. I will encourage you to develop self-awareness, the same awareness that helped me accept my flaws as well as my strengths, and lead me to a better life. The challenge for most people, I find, is being self-compassionate and non-judgmental while experiencing some of the discomfort that comes with self-awareness. Once there, we will build on your strengths and create plans to achieve your goals. The commitment from you will be a willingness to try new things and reflect on your own experiences, thoughts, and behaviours. In our sessions, I will also share from my own experiences when needed to offer you hope, inspiration, and show you that you too can find a way through your challenges. I am a spiritual, though not religious, person and I share the spiritual lessons I’ve learned in life, into my coaching practice as well.

Life Skills Coaching certificate from YWCA. I also received training to be a Peer Support Worker through a program that called Peer Recovery for Employment and Education (PREFER).
Nikos Akrivos
Nikos Akrivos
Life Coach, Spirituality Coach, Health and Fitness Coach

My philosophie in life is to feel more than fine in the core of our being at all times.When one truly acts on choosing thoughts and doing things that feel good,success is at hand.Every individual has a different background ,a different story and different purpose in life.There are 2 ways to find our purpose in life:Learn from own mistakes or find a qualified coach that can help to find one’s purpose.People of all kinds and beliefs are welcome,from the moment that they have a deep desire to be good for themselves and do no harm to self,others or a thing.

3 years in Medicine Univerciry in Brussels ,1 year in Physiotherapie,I am certified Personal Trainer 1:1,Master Reiki,Music Producer and Dance Teacher
Sandra Seibert
Sandra Seibert
Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Family Coach

I work with individuals from all over the world to support them in life transitions and inspire deep personal change. Since early childhood, I had to face numerous major life transitions including international relocation, changing family dynamics, health issues and deep personal crisis. I experienced profound personal transformation. I change as a gift and treasured opportunity that invites to look at life in new ways and create balance, joy and harmony inside and out. I developed an inspirational and empowering approach for her clients to turn their challenges into opportunities for personal transformation so they can step into their greatness, discover and live their truth, experience breakthroughs, implement positive change, and create soul-inspired, authentic lives.

I truly enjoyed every minute of my coaching experience. I worked with Sandra to make improvements to our family life and to better understand and (re-)define my role as a mother. Looking back, I find it amazing how much ground we’ve covered and how far I’ve come. Sandra really heard me and always accepted my feelings but she helped me focus on the positive vs. the negative, on what I have or can do vs. what I don’t have or can’t do. I consider that a tremendous gift in her role as life coach. I can honestly say that after each session I felt lighter, more assured, and ready to take on the next challenge.
Birgitta B.
Sandra creates such a safe and trusting space for you to share your thoughts. I felt just as comfortable talking with her about very personal matters, as I did around how to structure my business. She has helped me find clarity around a variety of issues and it always felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders after each session. If you are looking for someone to listen intently with compassion and warmth and a hand to hold onto and guide you out of the dark, Sandra is your girl!
Pamela Rudisill, In Sight Life Coaching
I met Sandra at a point in my life where I wanted to start a business and had no idea how to do it, let alone the direction I wanted to go. I had been a stay at home mom for acouple years. She was able to channel my thoughts into real session contents every time. At the end of each session my goal became clearer and closer to reach. Sandra gave me action steps to work on till the next session. This in particular was very helpful to me because it gave me the structure and personal support I needed at that time. I like to mention that the session reports were really helpful because they reemphasized the steps along the way. Sandra put a lot of work into them and that was highly appreciated.With the new found confidence in my abilities I feel now miles ahead.
Andrea E.
I have had a number of coaches in my life and I can honestly say Sandra’s coaching – gentle yet challenging and powerful, consistent yet flexible, consciously present, affirming and compassionate – has been the most validating and life changing. Her ideal combination of energy, technique and compassion make her an amazing coach.
Sandra has truly helped me to change myself and my life for the better, in a variety of different areas. Coaching with Sandra is a time of the week I always look forward to, and always leave feeling enlightened from!
Alexandra Hughes
Sandra is an amazing life coach! Her patience and trust combined with her phenomenal listening skills, created an instant connection and set the stage for powerful growth. She encouraged me to explore new areas of myself that were hidden until I worked with Sandra. Observing and understanding my underlying beliefs allowed me to move past them and achieve my goals. I highly recommend Sandra! I have had many coaches in my life, and she is the BEST!
Dawn McDaniel, BravoDeltaCoaching
Sandra is a very warm & caring woman who is not afraid to dig deep to get to the core of issues. She does so in a way which creates confidence & trust in her clients. I have no hesitation in recommending Sandra as a very effective coach for people who want to make real change in their lives.
Helen May, Life Coach
International Coaching Federation and Coachville
Life Coach, Health Coach, Career Coach

As a Holistic Life Coach*, I help you maximize your energy, time and empower you to pursue your passions and make an impact on the world. I will support you to set goals and take action towards creating the life you want, not the one you have been told to live. My passion is to see you become the expert in your health, an advocate for yourself in all domains of life, speak and live your truth with passion and purpose.

Our work together will start with building your intuition and inner wisdom, both body and mind. You will then learn to recognize self-limiting beliefs and replace destructive patterns with nourishing and effective habits. I will also teach you techniques for managing stress and guide you to step in your personal power. You will find yourself transformed, dreaming bigger and creating more possibilities for yourself!

“First, I want to say that Gina is one of the most positive people ever. There is something special about her that makes it easy to work with her. She is a very transformational coach. She is able to connect with me on a deeper level and because she has been so many experiences so she is able to relate. She has been a staple for me when I am going through life’s challenges. She has helped change my perspective on  a lot of patterns that I have wanted to change. not just health, but also in relationships. She helps me shifts my energy, helped me see where things are going well and what i want to change. i don’t know what i would do without her! I find that because she has experience in other fields, she is able to bring over different tools to help me even more in changing behaviours. She is always very patient, understanding, never judgmental, and she has excellent energy. It’s easy to vibe with her and she genuinely cares. She is energetic, vibrant and embodies the qualities of a thought leader. The one thing you should know is that gina is very trustworthy. When you go into a session with Gina it is a safe area, where you can really open yourself up and explore what you want to create. i would highly recommend Gina. ”
– Sabine Dunac, Entrepreneur, Wake Up and Hustle
Sabine Dunac, Entrepreneur, Wake Up and Hustle
“I have had the pleasure of having Gina as my health coach for the last 11 weeks. She has been so amazing and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. She gets me and I can feel it. She is so upbeat and positive and even though we have never met I can tell she is such an amazing person. She has gotten my life on track, helped me learn to focus on myself and reach the goals I set out on day one. During my time with Gina my husband of 7 years walked out on me and our son and Gina was my constant source of motivation to keep going even when I felt like I couldn’t. When I fell she would pick me up, give me a gentle kick in the butt and get me moving again. She has made me feel unstoppable, completely empowered and ready to be the best me possible. I am a tough client, I self sabotage and I’m really busy so I didn’t always make time to do what she asked, but she was never judgemental. She was kind and understanding and always there to help me. Gina you are now a member of my tribe, I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me and all that I have learned from you. Thank you.”
Jessica Holly, Residential Counsellor
Carl Contino
Carl Contino
Life Coach, Performance Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach

I’ve created a simple, fun, and effective approach called Life as a Wave that can help free up your mind of whatever is getting in the way and create movement in all areas of your life including your health, your money or business, your relationships, and more. Bring in the support you get through coaching, and you have a really powerful combination!
Together, using the power of partnership , you and I can get super clear on what you want to create in your life, work through the challenges that come up along the way, and create massive momentum towards your passion, dreams, and goals.

I’ve been working with Carl for just about a month and already see a tremendous value in his service. It’s truly performance coaching at it’s best. So much to learn and, most importantly, apply to my life to experience transformation.
I highly recommend taking Carl on as your coach, especially to anyone who wants to discover the best of himself, remove the fear and resistance, and get your life to the next level.
Thanks Carl, looking forward for our next session.
Pavel Kovalev – Web Developer
LIFE AS A WAVE BOOK – I have just read your amazing ebook, Life as a Wave.
I respect your very open and honest style during the webcast, as well as in your ebook, which I plan on reading again and again to fully integrate the knowledge into my perspective and ultimately, to use this knowledge.
PS. And from here in Denmark, a loving and friendly greeting to your lovely pooch, Sophia!
Raymond Cassius Sananda
LIFE & BUSINESS COACHING – Talk about amazing! A fabulous mixture of conversation, coaching, visioning, challenge, training, sharing ….. truly inspirational.
There was so much for me to take away from our 1.5 hr session – apart from some actual actions with timelines, the most inspiring concept I am taking away is this question:
“How am I being a conduit for ….”
So much wisdom. And such generosity of heart and spirit. Wonderful.
Thanks Carl (and Sophia the Black Lab!)
Trudy Arthurs – Executive Transformational Coaching
FLOW & MINDSET COACHING – Thank you so very much for your time, passion, energy and genius. My connections and synapses are firing again and moving forward again with a clear mind and direction.
Your ability to create flow and symmetry in a variety of situations, allowing for incredible timely and much needed reframes within a two hour conversation, speaks to your skills and talents as an exceptional and very valuable Life Coach and Person.
Thank you again!
Renee Lanoway – Retired RN Nurse
LIFE & BUSINESS COACHING – I just had a fantastic coaching session with Carl Contino. I’ve been stuck on the next step in the visual journaling + coaching business I’m creating.
With his help, we worked on a challenge that will help me bust through the block I’ve been facing for way too long now.
I’m super excited and getting right to work so I can introduce it to the world.
Linda Hough – Artist, Coach
LIVING YOUR PASSION TALK – Sara and I chatted about all of the speakers today at the International Day of Happiness, and you were the best.
Own that, your mission, your passion and your message was really well done and well structured and the delivery was like you had done it a thousand times.
I am looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you and your message.
Thank you for your gift and feeling the power of you and your message!
Carmil Surritt – Business, Holacracy and Life Coach
PERSONAL GROWTH COACHING – I personally could write a dissertation about the ways I enjoyed your presentation … nothing but inspirational. In fact it was just right for me considering what I needed that day. I could go on and on really, and I will at some point.
For now I will say this: I think you have a knack for articulating ideas. And you have great ideas…ideas people need to hear.
You are a shining star
Cyd Cox – Professional Coach
Speaker, teacher, musician, inventor, engineer


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